Looking for a travel female companion in Singapore?

If you are looking for a travel female companion in Singapore while during your business or leisure trip to Singapore, here are some tips to help you find the ideal companion! (Do note this post is not about advising you how to find companions with ‘special services’. This post is simply to help you find a companion who’s pleasant on the eyes and is willing to bring you around Singapore the way a local would!)

First of all, you need to know where on earth to look for such travel companions. You are not looking for just a typical tour guide, you are looking for a friend who is willing to bring you around, provide you with personal recommendations around Singapore where most tour guides have no incentive to bring you to (e.g. places where typical tour guides don’t get commissions from bringing you to). Unless you just want to explore the typical touristy places in Singapore, don’t opt for a official tour guide. Simply look for a travel companion/friend.

Second of all, should you look for companions who come from your home country? Or should you look for travel companions who are based in Singapore. A personal recommendation is to look for one in Singapore. However, how you find such an escort can make the difference between heaven and hell in your trip around Singapore.

There are only 2 real ways to find such a companion – posting in Facebook groups and hiring a legal social escort (no extra services pleaseeee).

  1. Posting in Facebook groups:
    You can look for Facebook groups which are created by people and joined by people who are interested in touring Singapore. Most such groups may also include people who are interested in touring the entire South East Asian region as Singapore is very small. That is ok, as long as Singapore is listed as one of the main countries in the Facebook group. Join several of these groups and post for help. Most groups are helpful! Of course, after you get the responses, please make sure to liaise properly with the person whom is willing to be your travel companion – it’s probably going to be paid, as no one is so free to walk around the entire Singapore with you unless they are your girlfriend for example.
  2. Hiring a local social escort:
    Of course, you need to look carefully and make sure only to hire from the legally registered Singapore escort agencies (Here is the Facebook page of SG VIP Escorts, a local registered and popular agency). Here are some rules – make sure that the company has a publicly listed incorporated UEN number so that you know they are a registered company, and secondly, make sure that you contact the company before you even decide on a girl! Some of the escort agencies are not in operation anymore, and you will be wasting your time if you make your choice before contacting them. Simply search for them on Google. Stay clear of Cracker/Backpage and Locanto, as 99% of the ads on them are fake (e.g. fake pictures). Stick with local Singapore agencies and you should do just fine.

So that’s all! Hopefully you find the female companion of your choice and enjoy your stay in Singapore!

Getting A Girlfriend In Singapore – Why Is It SO Hard?

When it comes to getting a girlfriend in Singapore, the simplest way is to simply hire a female companion in Singapore from a local, reputable social escort modelling agency. Why do I recommend looking for a social escort as a girlfriend experience in Singapore instead of going to the streets and looking for one?

  1. If you are not ready to get attached and potentially get married, most girls in Singapore will not even consider you. This is because in Asia, and especially countries like Singapore, the people are very conservative, and do not want to continue going out with a guy if she thinks that he is not marriage material. In Singapore, girls date to eventually get married. In Western parts of the world, girls may date just for dating sake. Therefore, if you are looking for a no strings attached relationship, then you will be out of luck in Singapore. Therefore, looking for a social escort in this case is your best option.
  2. Most girls in Singapore do not take kindly to being ‘picked up’. This is due to Singapore’s ultra conservative culture once again. Yes, Singapore is not a Muslim country, and comprises of mainly Chinese, but Asians in general are more conservative when it comes to dating. If you want to go to the streets and pick up a random girl, your chances of success, even if you are attractive, is probably only 5% that if you had tried picking up girls in America or Europe for instance. Most girls in Singapore prefer dating the ‘natural’ way e.g. at work, school e.t.c. rather than being picked up.

Therefore, if you have always felt that Singaporean girls are less open and harder to date casually in Singapore, you are right. This is not just your gut feeling but the cold, hard truth in Singapore!

In a nutshell, Singapore girls are harder to date, especially if you are only interested in a no strings attached relationship. The only and best way to get a girlfriend experience or have a female companion in Singapore is to engage a social escort model from a local, reputable agency.

Why Do Women In SG Want To Work As Social Escorts?

This is a sensitive topic in Singapore, but the truth is that, a lot of women in Singapore secretly want to be a social escort model on the sideline. The reason why? It creates a validation that they are attractive and sought after, and they are being paid big bucks to go out on dates with men.

Now, before you roll your eyeballs at me, listen on.

A lot of women want to be validated that they are attractive, and sought after. Every (average and above looking) woman has lots of men complimenting her on a daily basis, however, few will get actual ‘validation’ from these men that they are serious about it (e.g. asking them out, giving them gifts, e.t.c.) In this case, being a social escort, and having lots of clients pick them simply signals exactly right that, as these clients literally pay these girls money to date them.

Additionally, who doesn’t want to go on dates with rich and successful men? If these women want to be a social escort, they definitely have part of them who simply love rich men! That’s why they want to go out with older and more successful men. After all, going out with powerful, successful men in Singapore is much better than hanging out with poor, uneducated losers regardless of their nationalities.

Next, it is super expensive to engage social escorts – which also translates to lots of dollars to the women. This is a big part of the reason why many women want to be a high class social escort in Singapore and accompany successful, older men to social events or just private dates! Being paid heavily to be essentially just a private companion is a big perk to being a social escort in Singapore. Of course, if you are intending to be an escort in Singapore, keep in mind that some clients are also very demanding and particular, so just like any other career, it has its benefits and disadvantages. You should read more and research more online before making a decision to pick up such a job.

But if you are suited for it, you may very well find yourself one of the greatest windfalls and perhaps double or even triple your income this year and next as a social escort!

If you are exploring this as a part time career option as well, then definitely make sure to check out this post on how to pick the top escort agencies in Singapore for both customers and models to work with.

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How To Pick The Right Escort Agency In SG?

Picking the right escort agency in Singapore is easy if you know what things to consider when picking one. With many people worried about their privacy, legitimacy of the agency, and accuracy of the girl’s photographs, I have decided to write this article to help you make the right decision, always.

Protecting your own privacy:

There has been cases where some social escort agencies have been known to sell their data (similar to how some companies do) to third parties. These third parties were then known to extort money from the client. This is a nightmare situation for many clients as many of these clients are attached or even married with kids! The safest way to guarantee that your information is kept secure is to only deal with a registered and legit agency. This way, if anything goes wrong, you can hold them responsible. This brings us to the next point.

Legitimacy of the agency:

You want to make sure that you are only engaging the services of an established and registered social escort agency. The reason for this is because in the event that anything goes awry wrong, there is something you have to rely on – the business entity. Business entities that are registered with the local Singaporean government are the only agencies which you should ever engage. If they are not registered, they can simply set up a website, scam you and then run away without you being able to find out who they really are. If they are a truly legitimate social escort agency in Singapore, they have no worries about you finding out that they are one, as they will want to show it off.

Accuracy of the girl’s photographs:

There are some independent escorts who are well known to cheat their clients by posting fake Singaporean girl pictures, and when you meet them, they turn out to be some random Vietnamese or Thailand girl. This is extremely disappointing, expensive and frustrating. Therefore, I only deal with agencies like SGVIP because they offer a money back guarantee and replacement of a girl if the girl turns out to be different from the photos. This is the premium that I am willing to pay to guarantee that the girl is indeed good, and local like I like them. Another tip for you is that if the escorts’ photographs do not include face, it is more likely to be accurate and real. This is because Singaporean escorts are a pretty conservative bunch of girls! So the real local Singapore escorts almost never reveal full facial images.

Make sure you heed the above advice so you can find a good social escort agency. If you had not dated much, if at all when you were younger, and would like to enjoy your time with beautiful women now that you are far wealthier than the past, social escorts can be a lot of dating fun with no marriage related stress or commitment if you find the right one!

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Girlfriend Experience (GFE) In Singapore?

Have you ever heard of or wondered what is the local Singaporean girlfriend experience? It is basically the engaging of social escort services by local, female SG models whereby they will accompany you and provide you private companionship acting as though they were your girlfriend. This is definitely something quite interesting, and is something that is highly sought after by many expatriates or local singles.

After all, if you have been single for a large part of your life, or perhaps even for your entire life, you will definitely want to find some girls to hang out with and at least know the feeling of how it feels like having a girlfriend. Today, thanks to the Internet and social escort agencies, you will be able to experience the full local Singaporean girlfriend experience easily simply by engaging their local escort models. They are in a way, ‘for-hire’ girlfriends and they charge by timing.

Please note that social escorts and the girlfriend experience is vastly different from that of prostitutes you may find at Geylang, Singapore. The biggest difference is that social escorts do not provide such activities as part of their service, and that they are also usually local Singaporean models, so they have a much more sincere touch to them, as well as being much better looking.

Whether you are a foreigner or a local, I highly recommend that you try out the Singaporean girlfriend experience at least once if you are a single or desperate. For a small sum of money, you get to enjoy yourself, so why not? You only live once!

Why Go For Blind Dates When You Can Go For Escorts?

In Singapore, just like any modern city in the world, you will be able to gain access to some of the prettiest and most gorgeous girls in the city as long as you have cash. This is the same in Singapore.

But before you decide that perhaps blind dates are a better option, watch the horrible video below showing how blind dates are actually really awkward and terrible and sometimes you and the girl may have differing end goals (e.g. one wants to get married while the other just wants some fun). This can result in a lot of emotional hassles and fun destroyed if your goals are not the same… or if the girl looks like crap and not up to your standard. Additionally, you will need to compete with other men… why bother when you’re rich?

Therefore, I highly recommend a social escort agency if you just want to have a fun and short date with no strings attached and better yet, everyone is on the same page. Both the girl and you know that this is only a short term relationship and both of you just enjoy each other’s company and companionship as part of her social escort services to you. Click here to book if you want a good social escort modelling agency to provide services to you: http://www.sgvipescorts.com/contact/. Trust me, you are going to love it much more!

Dating Fun With Social Escorts In Singapore

I love dating gorgeous girls, and do you know what I love even more than that? I love dating social escorts! They are essentially guaranteed, no strings attached relationships with beautiful girls whom I chose (assuming the agency is legitimate and provides me with girls who look like their advertised photos). I personally use SG VIP Escorts agency as I feel they’re the most legitimate one in Singapore.

Have you tried dating a girl normally in Singapore? There’s so many problems. Here’s a comedic skit about dating in Singapore by XX and although it sounds ridiculous, it’s far closer to the truth than not!

It’s so hard to date properly, and even when you can find a girl, she may not even bother acting like she’s into you during the date. However, when you go out with a social escort, she’s a professional! And she’s obviously happy too because she’s paid so much to go out with you. It’s a win-win situation, where everyone knows the ending before it even reaches there. That is why I love dating escort models when I feel like having fun in Singapore.

Of course, one thing about these models is that they can cost a bomb, and a good one costs up to $700-1000 per hour to engage. However, if you’re in the market for a social escort, definitely make sure to hire one as your hot date – it’ll be very worth it!

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Would You Ever Date A Social Escort?

Hi everyone, my name is Michael and some people like to call me via my nickname – Strommie. So nice to meet you!

I am a white guy and a Singaporean!

In this blog, I shall talk about my adventures of dating Singaporean girls as a white guy who was born locally in Singapore – yes I can speak Singlish lol. I did leave SG for a short period of time after being born.

Anyway, thankfully for me, my parents moved me back to Singapore when I was just 11 years old – I’m 30 years old now and I just love Singaporean ladies. In my opinion, they look beautiful and gorgeous! I love Singapore…… women!

Would you date an escort in SG?

Anyway, here’s an interesting topic that some of the people in Singapore have talked about once in a while. As a person who has dated pretty extensively, I would personally say that I wouldn’t date a social escort seriously.

My thoughts

Frankly, I have used social escort services before, and the reason I wanted to date an escort once in a while is so that I can have no strings attached to the relationship! If I wanted to date seriously, I would not look for escorts, I would be looking for girls in the traditional way.

In my opinion, whether one should date a social escort or find a long term girlfriend really depends whether you are wanting to get married or not already.

Not if you are looking for a potential wifey material girl or a wife to marry

As men, there will definitely be days where we prefer having a long term girlfriend (and future wife). Usually this happens when you want to have your own family already! It makes no sense to look for a social escort if you want a long term girlfriend and eventual wife.

The reason that some of us men look for social escorts is because we want a no strings attached relationships… and even sugar babies are somewhat strings attached. But that is not the case with social escorts. It is no strings attached. The escort is only there because you are paying her. There has been cases where the clients got too emotionally attached to the escort. This will definitely result in nothing as she is there only because you are paying her. While she may be excellent and act like your real girlfriend, she is not there to date or marry you. They are their on their job. Once time is up, they will go back. As long as you are aware that an escort is there for her work you can look for them. Otherwise, if you are the type that gets attached easily or want a normal relationship, then social escorts probably are not suited for you. You do not want to create unnecessary emotional hassles.

However, dating escorts in Singapore is the right choice sometimes… for example:

On the other hand, there may be other days where you may just want a no strings attached, just for fun relationship. In such cases, it makes no sense to date normally if you are not yet intending to get married. Why drag girls into a relationship only to break their hearts later? Social escorts are the perfect fit for this, if you do not intend to get into a serious relationship now.

So what do you think? Have you ever wanted to date a social escort in Singapore? Or do you think it is too taboo as many Singaporean men think so? Let me know and share your thoughts!