Why Take Wedding Photos In Singapore?

There are so many cities and countries around the world, why should you take your wedding photographs in Singapore? Other than it being cheaper because you don’t need to fly your pre wedding photographer and his or her assistant(s) around the world for destination weddings, Singapore has a lot to offer when it comes to prewedding photoshoots. A local Singapore wedding photography session is already super awesome.

It is easy and quick to travel between different locations around Singapore. This is because Singapore is tiny, and taking a cab or driving would only take an extremely short period of time before reaching the other destination for the photo shoot. This makes everything very convenient, and allows you to wrap up the entire wedding photoshoot in just one day. This is hardly the case if you were to go to any other destination wedding photoshoots – you will take at least 2-3 days to complete the entire photoshoot.

Singapore has both city landscapes as well as nature landscapes within 20 kilometers of each other. This is rarely the case in any other destination wedding photo shoot location. Singapore’s central business district area and rural or nature areas (e.g. Hort Park, Punggol Lallang fields, Changi boardwalk) are all only a stone’s throw away from each other. This means you can go to many different locations for your pre wedding photography session and get photographs with many different kinds of backdrop very easily.

In the unfortunate event that the weather take a turn for the worse, you can easily go to an indoor location and continue your photoshoot instead of having to wait for the rain to go out or to take photographs in the rain. This is because Singapore has lots of beautiful indoor photoshoot locations for wedding photography for couples too!

All in all, Singapore is a great location for your wedding photo shoot. So why waste money flying for a destination wedding when you can take equally or even nicer bridal shoots in Singapore?

5 Tips To Find That Perfect Singapore Wedding Photographer

Finding a good wedding photographer in Singapore is not that easy, especially not one who is talented, customer oriented and is also affordable. Here are some tips to help you ideally find that one, perfect photographer for your photo-shoot.

1 First of all, ask your friends who have had beautiful and amazing looking wedding photographs taken for their photographer’s or studio’s contact. This is the simplest way to get the exact same look and feel as your friend’s photographs if you truly love the pictures they had taken so much. This is because every studio and photographer in Singapore will have a slightly different slant to the type of wedding photographs they take.

2 Look online! Most photographers and studios in Singapore have their portfolio publicly displayed online, or would readily email or send you their portfolio if you asked them for it. It is very easy to find a photographer or studio’s whose style suits you and your spouse because you save so much time because you don’t need to meet them in real life just to see their portfolio. This is the leveraged power of the Internet.

3 Look at ‘best of’ lists online, and then look through the portfolio of those photographers and select one of them. If you read such a ‘best of’ list from a reputable wedding aggregation website, then chances are, the portfolio of the featured photographers would be relatively good at least and appealing to most people. From there, it will be easier for you to select the final studio for your wedding.

4 Go on Instagram, search for #weddingphotographySingapore hashtag and you will probably see many posts on Instagram with that hashtag belonging to Singapore wedding photography studios accounts. Instagram is like a great place to look for a wedding photography studio because most companies upload their portfolio onto Instagram, and hence you would be able to browse through nearly everyone’s profiles and portfolios in just a few minutes.

5 Trust your gut feeling. Sometimes, if a particular studio or photographer just doesn’t feel right despite how good they sound, believe your gut. Usually, ‘cheap’ photography studios will end up disastrous for you. However, there is no need for you to go too high end and pay $4000 or $5000 for a single wedding photoshoot. A really solid wedding photography session would only cost around $1500 to $3000 in Singapore. That’s a very reasonable rate you can expect to pay for a good wedding studio to have your photographs taken.

A good wedding photography studio i.e. http://www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/ will also take very good care of every single one of their customers – because they understand that customer experience is everything when it comes to wedding photography.

Wedding Photography Studio Vs Photographer In Singapore?

Although both a studio and photographer takes wedding photos in Singapore for couples, there are some services related issues which you may want to note. These are the key differences between a single professional photographer and a Singapore wedding photographer studio which hires at least a few different wedding photographers in Singapore.

  • First and foremost, a wedding photographer may or may not have assistants or customer service support officers answering to customers all the time. Most often, they’re sole proprietors. This means that most photographers in Singapore are actually only one man shows. They do not even have 1 single employee or contractor. However, wedding photography studios usually have at least 1 photographer and 1 admin staff. This means that when you sign up with a studio instead, you get the benefit of both a professional wedding photographer in Singapore as well as the assistance of an admin staff for anything else.
  • Second of all, a studio is usually more careful about its reputation and the way it treats its customers. This is because it’s very troublesome for a studio to shut itself down and reopen under another name, thus it takes good care of its own reputation and make sure it’s good. However, as the recent Straits Times article in Singapore has shown, there are single photographers who may not even have good skills simply working as a freelancer. This cannot be the case for studios or the studio would have gone out of business. However, freelance photographers are less worried about their reputation and the quality of their service because they can simply switch careers. This is also the main reason why I always encourage couples in Singapore to opt for a more expensive wedding photography studio’s package instead of scrimping and ending up with a sub par single photographer.
  • Third of all, a studio can send a replacement photographer who is of the same quality in the unfortunate event that the photographer falls sick during the day of the photoshoot. Also, a wedding photography studio usually is able to call in assistants to help out the main photographer during the day of the actual photoshoot.

In conclusion, I highly recommend couples to look for a wedding photography studio like Bloc Memoire, NATSTUDIOS or Grandeur Wedding Studio for their wedding photo needs.

What Makes A Singapore Wedding Photo Look Beautiful?

I have to say that wedding photographs taken in Singapore is among the best in the world, not only because of the location and the backdrops it can provide, but because of the quality of the wedding photographers in Singapore too.

First of all, Singapore is one of the few countries in South East Asia where you can be so close to the Central Business District (city area) and rural areas. In places such as Malaysia and Indonesia, you need to travel for a few hours just to navigate between such places. On the other hand, in Singapore, you just need minutes if you were to drive or take a cab. With Uber and Grab in Singapore these days, it makes life even easier for couples looking to take a wedding photoshoot in Singapore but do not own a car.

Second of all, everything in Singapore is kept clean, nearly to a fault. However, that makes for great wedding photos because you never need to worry about dirty places dirtying your rented bridal gown and/or unsightly backdrops in your wedding photographs.

Third of all, because Singapore is a small country, word of mouth reputation is extremely important for wedding photographers. This means that every single professional studio (i.e. Grandeur Wedding Studio) or wedding photographer in Singapore (i.e. Pixioo) would be very careful of the quality of service and work they provide to their customers (couples) so that they will get good word of mouth marketing. From the customer’s perspective, e.g. from your perspective, that is a good thing because you get better quality wedding photography.

Singapore really offers a lot to couples who are looking to take their wedding photographs. That is also the reason why many couples in Singapore and the neighboring regions usually like Singapore as a location for their pre wedding or even actual day wedding photography.

Good Wedding Photoshoot Locations In Singapore

If you hire a good wedding photographer like grandeurweddingstudio.com/photography-singapore, then they would be able to advise you on the places you may want to go to in Singapore for your wedding photography. Here are some of the best photoshoot locations in Singapore you and your spouse may want to consider to go to.

A. First of all, it would be Henderson Waves. Located in the Central-West part of Singapore, Henderson Waves is a bridge with sculpture and design such that the entire bridge looks more like a water wave (made from wood). Set high above the traffic below, it is one of the highest bridges in Singapore. This gives photographs shot there the chance to have the canopy of trees as part of the backdrop, which is a unique look along with the wooden bridge.

B. Second of all, Helix Bridge near Marina Bay Sands the Shoppes. Yes, as you can possibly tell, I love bridges. In my opinion, a marriage/wedding and a love relationship is a bridge between two people who used to be complete strangers. This is the reason why I love bridges for wedding photography. You should definitely go to Helix bridge and have your wedding photographs taken there during the later part of the day / early evening as it is during that period or night time that the photographs look best at Helix Bridge.

Helix Bridge pre wedding photo by mike chen

C. Third of all, Hort Park. A beautiful park situated near Henderson Waves, Hort Park is a truly astounding looking park which provides tons of natural backdrop for a couple’s pre wedding photoshoot. Just check out the amazing looking wedding photograph below! Can you guess where it was taken in Singapore? Botanic Gardens? No! It was taken at Hort Park.

Hort Park

Singapore has lots of beautiful photoshoot locations. You just need to know where to look, e.g. reading blogs and recommendations like mine so that you and your spouse will be more informed on the various choices you actually have.

Honest Review Of Wedding Photography Studios In Singapore

There are two types of wedding photography studios in Singapore – one which specializes in outdoor only wedding photography, while the other specializes only in indoor studio photoshoots.

Which one do you prefer?

Regardless, I have given my review on the top 3 wedding photography studios in each of these areas. Let us start with outdoor wedding photography studios in Singapore.

Outdoor wedding photography studios

1. Grandeur Wedding Studio

Specializing in pre wedding and actual day outdoor wedding photography in Singapore, GWS has some of the very best wedding photographers in Singapore. This is partly due to the fact that the founder of the company has ridiculously high standards for his photographers that he hires, hence the quality of the wedding photographs that come out from Grandeur Wedding Studio is almost always very stunning.


Although NATSTUDIOS specialize in overseas photography (e.g. outside of Singapore locations), I have decided to give them a mention here on my blog because they are one of the most critically acclaimed photography companies in Singapore. Do note that NATSTUDIOS has a very particular style when it comes to their photographs, they have this dreamy like, and non-saturated colouring when it comes to the wedding images they take for their customers. So take note that if you don’t like that, don’t pick NATSTUDIOs. Otherwise, they’re a good choice.

Indoor wedding photography studios

1. Serangoon Broadway Bridal Studio

Also a graduation photoshoot and gown rental company, they’re one of the more established indoor wedding photography companies in Singapore. If you like the traditional type of more conservative wedding photoshoots in studios, then Serangoon Broadway is definitely one of the top choices in Singapore. However, one thing to note is that the backdrop in the studio photoshoot for Serangoon Broadway is a little old fashioned, so it’s great for people who like that, but otherwise it’s not. Their photography skills are good though.

2. Baobab Tree Studios

Although they also do baby photoshoots, maternity photoshoots e.t.c., their pre wedding photography (usually of couples in their home clothes) are really beautiful as well. They take really pretty and adorable pictures of couples for their pre wedding photoshoots. They’re located very far in the extreme West, at Bukit Batok, but their photographer, Hana, is a very talented photographer. Their photographs have a very cute and real feeling to it.

How To Pick A Wedding Photographer – From A Photographer’s Perspective

Many people will give their advice on finding the right wedding photographer. However, who should you get the ideal advice from? A photographer himself!

As a professional photographer in Singapore, I can give you the best advice when it comes to searching for wedding photographers in Singapore.

listen to you heart

First of all, always listen to your heart. Your heart already knows which type of wedding photographs you like. Some brides prefer a wedding photo with nature in the backdrop, while others prefer something related to how they met. The key is not to find the ‘best photographer’ but to find the most suitable wedding photographer for you and your spouse.

Second of all, find a photographer in Singapore who is experienced. This is not a random photoshoot. It’s your wedding photoshoot – and this is especially important for your actual day wedding photoshoot. This is because there may be photographers who, in a bid to get your business, try to price themselves extremely low. Careless couples may overlook the fact that the photographer have literally no experience with wedding photography, and this will bite them in the behind after the photography session.

Next, find a studio in Singapore (i.e. grandeurweddingstudio.com) with lots of positive reviews online. It’s important that you hire a wedding photography studio with lots of positive reviews. This is because the percentage of people who will be so delighted by a particular service to the extent that they bother going online to write a review is very small. This means that studios with lots of positive reviews probably had a ton more happy customers, and a lot more normal customers, all of which points to a most likely positive experience with that wedding photography studio and that they have lots of experience in wedding photography.

The above are all applicable tips from the perspective of a professional photographer, to help you look for that perfect wedding photographer for you and your spouse’s wedding photography in Singapore.