3 Exercises For Women To Lose Belly Fat

Here are three of the best stomach exercises for any woman to perform, to lose weight in the belly and abdominal area. This is one of the main trouble points of women, and I shall address this issue here.

The first exercise you should perform are leg raises. Leg raises can be performed simply by lying on the ground, and then raising both of your legs up while keeping them perfectly straight. This exercise is great because it targets both your upper and lower abdominal muscles in one movement. This saves you time and is more intense – which is always good when it comes to fitness.

Second of all, the other exercise you want to be doing is planks. Planks are so important because many women forget about training their lower back and yet keep training their abs. This will result in muscle imbalance in which their back would be very weak while their front would be very strong. Not only will this cause weird postures, it will sooner or later cause you to stagnate in terms of fitness – because you did not train the opposing muscle group!

Third of all, you want to perform interval sprints. Sprints are the best way to workout your entire body, and performing interval sprints allow you to work on the cardiovascular health without spending hours jogging and wasting your time away. Sprints are much more effective and are actually SUPER time efficient.

Getting Slimmer And Fitter Arms For Women

I know it’s not easy getting your arms toned. This is especially the case if you have not known anybody personally whom you know got their arms from fat to fabulous. Therefore, here are the recommendations of the best exercises you must do to lose arm fat and build muscle tone.

First and foremost, you want to do the almighty push up. The push up is a great exercise because it works out your front part of your shoulders (front deltoid) as well as your arms. This will cause the front view of your arms to look more defined and less flabby and rounded.

Second of all, you want to do incline pull ups. This is a variation of the normal pull up.

Most women find the normal pull up too difficult, so you can perform this version of the pull up. It works out your back deltoid as well as your biceps. This is the equivalent of the push up (but reverse).

Third exercise you want to do to lose flabby arms is a shoulder raise. It is basically an exercise where you hold onto a weight (can be anything – such as a filled up water bottle) and hold it in your hands. You want to dangle your arms by the side, and then raise your arm up laterally while keeping your arm straight. This works out your forearms as well as your side shoulder (side deltoid). It’s a great exercises to make your shoulder and arm separation better, which gives off a more toned look for women.

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