Would You Ever Date A Social Escort?

Hi everyone, my name is Michael and some people like to call me via my nickname – Strommie. So nice to meet you!

In this blog, I shall talk about my adventures of dating Singaporean girls as a white guy who was born locally in Singapore – yes I can speak Singlish lol.

Anyway, thankfully for me, my parents moved me to Singapore when I was just 11 years old – I’m 30 years old now and I just love Singaporean ladies. In my opinion, they look beautiful and gorgeous! I love Singapore…… women!

Anyway, here’s an interesting topic that some of the people in Singapore have talked about once in a while. As a person who has dated pretty extensively, I would personally say that I wouldn’t date a social escort seriously. Frankly, I have used social escort services before, and the reason I wanted to date an escort once in a while is so that I can have no strings attached to the relationship! If I wanted to date seriously, I would not look for escorts, I would be looking for girls in the traditional way.

As men, there will definitely be days where we prefer having a long term girlfriend (and future wife), while other days we just want a no strings attached, just for fun relationship. Social escorts are the perfect fit for the second kind, but definitely not the first kind.

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