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Would You Ever Date A Social Escort?

Hi everyone, my name is Michael and some people like to call me via my nickname – Strommie. So nice to meet you!

In this blog, I shall talk about my adventures of dating Singaporean girls as a white guy who was born locally in Singapore – yes I can speak Singlish lol.

Anyway, thankfully for me, my parents moved me to Singapore when I was just 11 years old – I’m 30 years old now and I just love Singaporean ladies. In my opinion, they look beautiful and gorgeous! I love Singapore…… women!

Anyway, here’s an interesting topic that some of the people in Singapore have talked about once in a while. As a person who has dated pretty extensively, I would personally say that I wouldn’t date a social escort seriously.

Frankly, I have used social escort services before, and the reason I wanted to date an escort once in a while is so that I can have no strings attached to the relationship! If I wanted to date seriously, I would not look for escorts, I would be looking for girls in the traditional way.

In my opinion, whether one should date a social escort or find a long term girlfriend really depends whether you are wanting to get married or not already.

As men, there will definitely be days where we prefer having a long term girlfriend (and future wife). It makes no sense to look for a social escort if you want a long term girlfriend and eventual wife. The escort is only there because you are paying her. There has been cases where the clients got too emotionally attached to the escort. This will definitely result in nothing as she is there only because you are paying her. While she may be excellent and act like your real girlfriend, she is not there to date or marry you. They are their on their job. Once time is up, they will go back.

On the other hand, there may be other days where you may just want a no strings attached, just for fun relationship. In such cases, it makes no sense to date normally if you are not yet intending to get married. Why drag girls into a relationship only to break their hearts later? Social escorts are the perfect fit for this, if you do not intend to get into a serious relationship now.

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