Why Do Women In SG Want To Work As Social Escorts?

This is a sensitive topic in Singapore, but the truth is that, a lot of women in Singapore secretly want to be a social escort model on the sideline. The reason why? It creates a validation that they are attractive and sought after, and they are being paid big bucks to go out on dates with men.

Now, before you roll your eyeballs at me, listen on.

A lot of women want to be validated that they are attractive, and sought after. Being a social escort, and having lots of clients pick them simply signals exactly right that.

Additionally, who doesn’t want to go on dates with rich and successful men? If these women want to be a social escort, they definitely have part of them who simply love rich men! That’s why they want to go out with older and more successful men.

Next, it is super expensive to engage social escorts – which also translates to lots of dollars to the women. This is a big part of the reason why many women want to be a high class social escort in Singapore and accompany successful, olderĀ men to social events or just private dates!

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