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Getting A Girlfriend In Singapore – Why Is It SO Hard?

When it comes to getting a girlfriend in Singapore, the simplest way is to simply hire a female companion in Singapore from a local, reputable social escort modelling agency. Why do I recommend looking for a social escort as a girlfriend experience in Singapore instead of going to the streets and looking for one?

  1. If you are not ready to get attached and potentially get married, most girls in Singapore will not even consider you. This is because in Asia, and especially countries like Singapore, the people are very conservative, and do not want to continue going out with a guy if she thinks that he is not marriage material. In Singapore, girls date to eventually get married. In Western parts of the world, girls may date just for dating sake. Therefore, if you are looking for a no strings attached relationship, then you will be out of luck in Singapore. Therefore, looking for a social escort in this case is your best option.
  2. Most girls in Singapore do not take kindly to being ‘picked up’. This is due to Singapore’s ultra conservative culture once again. Yes, Singapore is not a Muslim country, and comprises of mainly Chinese, but Asians in general are more conservative when it comes to dating. If you want to go to the streets and pick up a random girl, your chances of success, even if you are attractive, is probably only 5% that if you had tried picking up girls in America or Europe for instance. Most girls in Singapore prefer dating the ‘natural’ way e.g. at work, school e.t.c. rather than being picked up.

Therefore, if you have always felt that Singaporean girls are less open and harder to date casually in Singapore, you are right. This is not just your gut feeling but the cold, hard truth in Singapore!

In a nutshell, Singapore girls are harder to date, especially if you are only interested in a no strings attached relationship. The only and best way to get a girlfriend experience or have a female companion in Singapore is to engage a social escort model from a local, reputable agency.