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Looking for a travel female companion in Singapore?

If you are looking for a travel female companion in Singapore while during your business or leisure trip to Singapore, here are some tips to help you find the ideal companion! (Do note this post is not about advising you how to find companions with ‘special services’. This post is simply to help you find a companion who’s pleasant on the eyes and is willing to bring you around Singapore the way a local would!)

First of all, you need to know where on earth to look for such travel companions. You are not looking for just a typical tour guide, you are looking for a friend who is willing to bring you around, provide you with personal recommendations around Singapore where most tour guides have no incentive to bring you to (e.g. places where typical tour guides don’t get commissions from bringing you to). Unless you just want to explore the typical touristy places in Singapore, don’t opt for a official tour guide. Simply look for a travel companion/friend.

Second of all, should you look for companions who come from your home country? Or should you look for travel companions who are based in Singapore. A personal recommendation is to look for one in Singapore. However, how you find such an escort can make the difference between heaven and hell in your trip around Singapore.

There are only 2 real ways to find such a companion – posting in Facebook groups and hiring a legal social escort (no extra services pleaseeee).

  1. Posting in Facebook groups:
    You can look for Facebook groups which are created by people and joined by people who are interested in touring Singapore. Most such groups may also include people who are interested in touring the entire South East Asian region as Singapore is very small. That is ok, as long as Singapore is listed as one of the main countries in the Facebook group. Join several of these groups and post for help. Most groups are helpful! Of course, after you get the responses, please make sure to liaise properly with the person whom is willing to be your travel companion – it’s probably going to be paid, as no one is so free to walk around the entire Singapore with you unless they are your girlfriend for example.
  2. Hiring a local social escort:
    Of course, you need to look carefully and make sure only to hire from the legally registered Singapore escort agencies (Here is the Facebook page of SG VIP Escorts, a local registered and popular agency). Here are some rules – make sure that the company has a publicly listed incorporated UEN number so that you know they are a registered company, and secondly, make sure that you contact the company before you even decide on a girl! Some of the escort agencies are not in operation anymore, and you will be wasting your time if you make your choice before contacting them. Simply search for them on Google. Stay clear of Cracker/Backpage and Locanto, as 99% of the ads on them are fake (e.g. fake pictures). Stick with local Singapore agencies and you should do just fine.

So that’s all! Hopefully you find the female companion of your choice and enjoy your stay in Singapore!