Artist Statement

My artwork explores how camouflaged political controls filter our understanding of history and relinquish our ability to accurately observe and respond to current socio-political events.

Fundamental to the formal concerns in my work is my use of petroleum-based plastics and resins. The true currency of our time, access to petroleum is one of the most decisive factors in determining the wealth and power of a nation. As a material, resin is extremely durable and heavy, with an inestimable lifespan. While its lustrous surface appeals to our human penchant for “beauty,” seducing the viewer to come near, the medium also serves, somewhat paradoxically, as a barrier, restricting the viewer’s access to embedded contents. For me, the resin thus becomes a metaphor for government, incubating and protecting the viewer from the “harmful truths” beneath the surface. In my work, however, the viewer’s likeness is integrated into the naturally reflective surface of the resin, impacting—albeit subtly—its ever changing conceptual meaning.

Accordingly, through my work, I challenge the viewer to recognize and take responsibility for his or her part in the overall structure and meaning of the piece. The objectness of the artworks becomes an obstacle for the viewer to overcome; the personal realization that results from such an engagement with the work is a reconsidered appreciation for the way reality is constructed, altered and manipulated.