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How To Pick The Right Escort Agency In SG?

Picking the right escort agency in Singapore is easy if you know what things to consider when picking one. With many people worried about their privacy, legitimacy of the agency, and accuracy of the girl’s photographs, I have decided to write this article to help you make the right decision, always.

Protecting your own privacy:

There has been cases where some social escort agencies have been known to sell their data (similar to how some companies do) to third parties. These third parties were then known to extort money from the client. This is a nightmare situation for many clients as many of these clients are attached or even married with kids! The safest way to guarantee that your information is kept secure is to only deal with a registered and legit agency. This way, if anything goes wrong, you can hold them responsible. This brings us to the next point.

Legitimacy of the agency:

You want to make sure that you are only engaging the services of an established and registered social escort agency. The reason for this is because in the event that anything goes awry wrong, there is something you have to rely on – the business entity. Business entities that are registered with the local Singaporean government are the only agencies which you should ever engage. If they are not registered, they can simply set up a website, scam you and then run away without you being able to find out who they really are. If they are a truly legitimate social escort agency in Singapore, they have no worries about you finding out that they are one, as they will want to show it off.

Accuracy of the girl’s photographs:

There are some independent escorts who are well known to cheat their clients by posting fake Singaporean girl pictures, and when you meet them, they turn out to be some random Vietnamese or Thailand girl. This is extremely disappointing, expensive and frustrating. Therefore, I only deal with agencies like SGVIP because they offer a money back guarantee and replacement of a girl if the girl turns out to be different from the photos. This is the premium that I am willing to pay to guarantee that the girl is indeed good, and local like I like them. Another tip for you is that if the escorts’ photographs do not include face, it is more likely to be accurate and real. This is because Singaporean escorts are a pretty conservative bunch of girls! So the real local Singapore escorts almost never reveal full facial images.

Make sure you heed the above advice so you can find a good social escort agency. If you had not dated much, if at all when you were younger, and would like to enjoy your time with beautiful women now that you are far wealthier than the past, social escorts can be a lot of dating fun with no marriage related stress or commitment if you find the right one!