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Why Go For Blind Dates When You Can Go For Escorts?

In Singapore, just like any modern city in the world, you will be able to gain access to some of the prettiest and most gorgeous girls in the city as long as you have cash. This is the same in Singapore.

But before you decide that perhaps blind dates are a better option, watch the horrible video below showing how blind dates are actually really awkward and terrible and sometimes you and the girl may have differing end goals (e.g. one wants to get married while the other just wants some fun). This can result in a lot of emotional hassles and fun destroyed if your goals are not the same… or if the girl looks like crap and not up to your standard. Additionally, you will need to compete with other men… why bother when you’re rich?

Therefore, I highly recommend a social escort agency if you just want to have a fun and short date with no strings attached and better yet, everyone is on the same page. Both the girl and you know that this is only a short term relationship and both of you just enjoy each other’s company and companionship as part of her social escort services to you. Click here to book if you want a good social escort modelling agency to provide services to you: http://www.sgvipescorts.com/contact/. Trust me, you are going to love it much more!

Dating Fun With Social Escorts In Singapore

I love dating gorgeous girls, and do you know what I love even more than that? I love dating social escorts! They are essentially guaranteed, no strings attached relationships with beautiful girls whom I chose (assuming the agency is legitimate and provides me with girls who look like their advertised photos). I personally use SG VIP Escorts agency as I feel they’re the most legitimate one in Singapore.

Have you tried dating a girl normally in Singapore? There’s so many problems. Here’s a comedic skit about dating in Singapore by XX and although it sounds ridiculous, it’s far closer to the truth than not!

It’s so hard to date properly, and even when you can find a girl, she may not even bother acting like she’s into you during the date. However, when you go out with a social escort, she’s a professional! And she’s obviously happy too because she’s paid so much to go out with you. It’s a win-win situation, where everyone knows the ending before it even reaches there. That is why I love dating escort models when I feel like having fun in Singapore.

Of course, one thing about these models is that they can cost a bomb, and a good one costs up to $700-1000 per hour to engage. However, if you’re in the market for a social escort, definitely make sure to hire one as your hot date – it’ll be very worth it!